Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to School Ideas

Back to school is usually an exciting time for most family's. It can be daunting and overwhelming as well. Up north of the equator most schools are back or headed back around now.

Here are some great craft ideas I have come across to help the transition go more smoothly. Idea's for the children and the teachers for back to school week in the northern hemisphere.

3 Fun back to School Traditions @ How does She?

What child could resist milk and cookies after school? You could even make one for each day of the first week to ease those settling in nerves.

@ Organise Your Stuff Now.

Why not makeover some buckets for homework supplies? Get them off to a good organised start.

@ Cute as a Fox an new take on an old favourite for a teachers gift.

@ Nice Girl Notes you can make decor matching magnetic alphabets for your younger learners.

At The Hybrid Chick is this neat and fun back to school door hanger idea.

And finally over at Love Stitched is one for the all us Mum's and Dad's who have to do the laundry after our precious ones come home from school with pocketfuls of stuff.


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